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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is solar right for you?

We determine solar eligibility on a case-by-case basis. There are multiple factors that will determine if solar is right for you. Some of the qualifications include sun exposure on your home, how much electricity you use, and physical space for the panels.

How does solar allow me to OWN my power instead of RENTING?

Solar is the most efficient way to escape the monopoly that has been held over you by the utility companies. Switching to solar will allow homeowners to stop paying the utility company every month and start paying themselves.

How do I know that Clear Crest Consulting LLC is the right solar consultant for me?

Here at Clear Crest Consulting LLC, we prioritize homeowners' success first. We work with some of the best contractors in the industry to help bring you the best products available. We pride ourselves on being a small business where we are just a call away from all of our customers. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

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